My Daddy Is an Idol!

My Daddy Is an Idol! 2012

"Papadol" depicts the entertainment world and family world through idol singer Ryo Nishikido (Ryo Nishikido) as he gets married to a single mother.

El Número Uno

El Número Uno 2012

El Número Uno is a Spanish talent show which started in March 2012. In this TV show a group of five judges will evaluate 100 contestants to be 'The Number One' of music in Spain.

La Famille Anodin

La Famille Anodin 1956

La Famille Anodin English: The Anodin family, is a French TV serial, in 8 episodes of 45 minutes, from 1956, on RTF.

Territory of the White Kings

Territory of the White Kings 1991

The story centers around a group of children, led by Leontinka and Olda. Father of Leontinka manages the local Deer Park with an invaluable breed of white deer. A series of mysterious events unfolds, threatening the deer. Leontinka and Olda, who is in turn a son of a local police officer, search for the villain.

Absalons secret

Absalons secret 2006

The girl Cecilie is interested in Absalons secret because there is an angel that can save her sick sister. It is located in Magasin Du Nord in Copenhagen, Denmark.

La Bola de Cristal

La Bola de Cristal 1984

La Bola de Cristal was a Spanish TV Show that aired on TVE from 1984 to 1988. The show was the brainchild of Spanish writer Dolores Rico Oliver and was hosted by pop singer Alaska. The show, which was ostensibly targeted at a young audience, reflected the spirit of the times, that of the post-Franco Spanish transition and of the cultural and musical movement known as la movida. In contrast to previous shows, with a very childish use of language, it had continuous puns related to electronics: the Electroduendes puppets included Maese Cámara, Hada Vídeo and Bruja Avería as regular characters. In one of its sections, they used to introduce a chapter of classic series. The first season included The Little Rascals, the second season, The Munsters, and the third season, Bewitched. La Bola de Cristal also included slogans against authority and capitalism, with political satires that led the show to its cancellation in 1988. Before the cancellation order, at least one new season of La Bola de Cristal was planned, with Sonia Martínez as new presenter. Although it was never released on VHS video, in 2003 selected excerpts of the series were released on DVD. These DVDs did not feature episodes from The Munsters and Bewitched since they were copyrighted by their owners, but included episodes from The Little Rascals.

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai 2011

The show is based on the relationship of two sisters, Jeevika and Manvi. Maanvi and Jeevika can go to any lengths for each other. Follow the sisters’ journey as they stand by each other and find their soulmates.

Teneramente Licia

Teneramente Licia 1987

Teneramente Licia is an Italian television series. It is one of the four live adpatations of the Japanese manga Ai Shite Knight. It is the sequel to "Love me Licia" and "Licia dolce Licia", and was followed by "Balliamo e cantiamo con Licia".

Quelli dell'Intervallo Cafe

Quelli dell'Intervallo Cafe 2010

Quelli dell'Intervallo Cafè is an Italian television series, second spin-off of the best known Quelli dell'intervallo, original format of As The Bell Rings. The series is set in the Nico's uncle's cafe, Quelli dell'intervallo cafè, where Nico and Tinelli work after school. There often sings Jaky, Nico and Tinelli's schoolmate and an emerging popstar. He has a bodyguard, named Brusco Lino. All the adventures of the boys are accompanied by the smell of croissants and the presence, not always welcome, of former teachers such as Professor Martinelli, horrible math teacher, who sometimes goes there to bring a bit of fear between her students. All the Manzoni middle school's students are now gone to the high school and the only place where they can still be together is that cafe, very famous in the circle of guys. There are the always-brats Nico and Tinelli, who work there, but also characters as Mafalda, Secchia, Valentina, Rudy and other historical friends. In addiction to them there are new entries, such as Zita, Uncle Tony, Max, Mrs. Serena.