Exit 2018

Olivia works the late shift at the local Exit Bureau, where she spends her nights convincing people to end their lives for society's greater good. One evening, after her supervisor issues a chilling ultimatum, her world begins to fall apart.

River of Time

River of Time 2016

River of Time is a science fiction drama IndoHollywood short film made with cast and crew from Denver, USA and Hyderabad, INDIA. The production house 'Aditya Hridaya Arts' is named after a Sanskrit prayer to the Sun God. Grandfather's Paradox- Alex, a despondent and suicidal teenager, discovers the key to a time machine and decides the best way to end his misery is to travel back in time and kill his grandfather before his grandfather can meet his grandmother. The events that ensue are as strange and mysterious as time travel itself.


Traveler 2015

When Blakes invention successfully transports his girlfriend across the universe, there's only one problem: when she returns, she's being chased.

A Patriot

A Patriot

Set in a futuristic authoritarian state, a loyal government official makes a startling discovery that causes her to doubt her allegiance.

Gadget Trips/Mindscapes

Gadget Trips/Mindscapes 1998

A cold war that's turning hot between the Empire and the Republic is the background against which we witness the acts of characters who are at the mercy of their leaders' whims, and interwoven among these events are hallucinations--some served up in good trips and some in bad--produced by an electromagnetic radiation device called Sensorama. Together these elements spin out a tale of high drama. It's finally here! A stunning non-stop, full-CG movie that blows away preconceptions.


Valis 2018

Despite all measures focusing on the AI, Terri created software that became conscious and escaped its virtual prison. On that day the world changed forever and no one could predict what followed.


Prism 2011

Two friends accidentally steal a teleportation device. But it turns out, what seemed like a simple robbery is more than they bargained for.

Agent Killer: Origins

Agent Killer: Origins 2014

It is the 23rd Century. After the Leviathan War, humanity has fallen against the Colossius, an anthropoid xenophobic alien race that has conquered Earth and enslaved humans. In the humanities last attempt to fight back, humanity has assembled a series of superhuman warriors known as Agents, but to become Agents, each subjects must undergo a series of test's that will ultimately prove their strength - This is the story of the one that got away.

The Activists

The Activists 2014

Two young activists try to sabotage 'DEE', a futuristic company that aims to create a highly controlled global society.